Yes, you read that right! £4000+ per year. Here’s how we did it.


Our customer Mission Huddersfield approached us regarding grant funding for making businesses more energy efficient. The energy savings trust is a government initiative aimed at supporting businesses and organisations to make their premises more energy efficient by installing approved LED lighting.

Businesses looking to access this grant-funded initiative should contact us straight away to take advantage of this whilst it’s still available. CONTACT US

History Of The Mission

There has been a Methodist Mission in the town centre for over 100 years.

Originally based on Queen Street, in the building which is now the Lawrence Batley Theatre, the Mission was created with a strong emphasis on social work and campaigning.

Over the years many groups and clubs have been associated with the Mission including a Boys Brigade, Girls Club, Mens Reading Room, Sunday School, Huddersfield Guild For The Disabled, a Women’s Home and many more.

Although our location has changed twice more since our first days on Queen Street, and we are now known as Huddersfield Mission as opposed to Huddersfield Methodist Mission, our commitment to social work and campaigning remains the same.  We will advise and support anyone who needs it, but we are particularly well known locally for supporting those with multiple and complex needs.  These needs can include homelessness, mental health, addiction, a history of offending and more.

We are also well known for our Mission Cafe which has evolved over the years to become the community hub of the building. A strong team of paid staff and dedicated volunteers help us to produce and serve nutritious, low cost meals to the public. Open Monday – Thursday from 9am3pm and Fridays 9am2pm, why not come in and enjoy a delicious meal in a bustling environment!

Learn more about Mission Huddersfield here

How the savings stack  up

Domestic Lighting  – £46 annual saving per light fitting

Commercial Lighting – £29 annual saving per light fitting

Industrial Lighting – £14 annual saving per light fitting.

How much could you save? Start counting your light fittings.

For one customer based in Huddersfield, their average power consumption was 56000kW per year at 0.17p. We reduced their consumption down to 24000Kw per year.

On average you can save 54% per year by switching to LED lighting.


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