Have you thought about a rain capture system? It’s not just a money saver but it can also help reduce the risk of flooding and help the environment. Let’s take a look

2018 has brought a mixed bag of extreme weather for the UK. From temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius during February and March through to the hottest recorded summer in living memory with highs of 36 degrees Celsius. We’ve gone from 3 feet of snow to hosepipe bans. So what can we do to help reduce water consumption and capture and store it for when we need it in periods of drought? Rain capture systems! And we’re not talking about a water butt plumbed into your fall pipe for the garden. We’re looking at full integrated systems supplying your house with free water!

Let’s dive in.

What causes flooding?

It may seem obvious. Water. But flooding occurs essentially when water has now where to go. Tarmac roads and carparks are removing ground space that would otherwise absorb that downfall, channelling the water to drains and then to rivers which ultimately become overwhelmed, resulting in the flooding of the surrounding area. That water then makes its way to the sea and or reservoirs. Traditionally we as consumers rely on the water companies storing and cleaning the water for us to use, but what if we could capture and use our own supply?

Well, it’s relatively simple. It involves installing a holding tank in the ground that is fed by your fall pipes. The tank then has a pump that pumps the water to a header tank in your loft which then feeds, your toilets and outside taps. Simples. These systems are easy to install and can be relatively cheap. There are limitations, such as not being able to drink the water but think of what consumes the most water in the house. Your garden when it’s not rained for weeks and your toilet which is flushed several times a day.

Plus you are holding water which would otherwise race down the land and contribute to flooding. It’s a win-win scenario. You’re saving money and helping the environment.

Slowing water down reduces flooding

BY slowing the rate that rainwater can get to the river, you significantly reduce the possibility of flooding. The average holding tank will be around 1000 litres. That’s 1 ton of water not making its way to the land to cause havoc. Now imagine if 1000 homes for every town or village installed one of these systems, the effects would be profound.

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