Breakdown Cover T&Cs

General terms and conditions of contract.

1. The parties are you the client and Metro Group Services Ltd T/A Metro eco.
2. Benefit, which is not transferable, will never be in other than goods and/or services.
3. Only purely domestic properties owner occupied are included. (Landlord schemes are available)
4. Only houses up to 4 bedrooms are accepted on to the above schemes.
5. Only one gas appliance is the subject of each Star care scheme.
6. The “contract” is monthly in advance. Nothing paid previously is relative to the current Month.
7. Cancellation
We can both cancel at any time without explanation. Any pre-payments for the current month would be refunded if we were to cancel. If any work has been done (e.g. Annual or initial safety and Maintenance checks) then you will be liable for a payment of £75.00 if the total of your consecutive monthly payments has not yet exceeded that figure in the current 12 Month period.
We will cancel your cover if; we suspect fraud, false information, or an attempt to include cover for a pre-existing fault, a missed payment or if circumstances develop which make continuation unworkable. At or just after the initial inspection you will be notified of any remedial action needed before we will take on breakdown cover for you. We would also cancel your cover if we were not able to source parts to maintain the safe and efficient continued usage of your appliance.
8 Prices advertised are for first year only and prior to initial inspection. Increases will be advised.
9 Only Boilers under 7 years of age will be replaced if repair costs are greater than replacement or parts are not available any more.
10 This is emergency breakdown cover and is not intended as enhancement of existing systems.
11 Flushing of systems or sludge/scale removal/ chemical treatment is not included but is a chargeable service. This is recommended every 2 years. Clients will receive a 24% discount for every unbroken 24 Month period of Star*care subscription. (Worth around £100.00). This is not refundable or transferable in the event of cancellation by either party. This discount will re-commence to accrue after the current Flushing until it reaches 24% again in 24 Months.
12 Parts of the system, which are not readily accessible, are not covered.
13 General Exclusions.

We do not intend or wish to imply cover or liability for any of the below mentioned;
· Consequential costs or losses of any description.
· Repairs due to malice, war, terrorism or rage/temper.
· Third party damage or bad workmanship of others.
· Usual risks covered elsewhere by such as homeowner’s policy.
· Any planned or unplanned changes to the services/characteristics of gas water electricity or the atmosphere.
· Repairs following works.
· Repairs/ alterations to any flue way of an appliance covered by this scheme.
· Bringing any appliance/article/system up to current standards.
· Asbestos removal.
· Betterments of any description.
· Sludge/blockage removal in any pipe works, radiators, tanks, valves, cylinders or boilers. Or damage as a consequence thereof.
· Making safe a dangerous situation.
· Extraneous pipe work to the system on cover.
· Any fault, which has already been notified to the client by anybody else.
· Vermin attack or interference.
· Any single claim, which exceeds £1000.00 Inc vat in total. (Except boilers)
· Repairs to lead and /or steel pipe work other than if gas pipes and then only from the meter to the appliance covered by this scheme.
· Any appliance replacement (other than boiler under 7 years old, date of manufacture determines date not date of installation), Kitchen/ bathroom/ cloakroom/ fittings/macerators/ pottery/sinks or sanitary ware. Neither mixers / valves/ showers/pumps or taps or tap washers.
· Putting right interference by others or resetting of clocks and controls.
· Trim and decorative parts of an appliance covered by this scheme.
· Plumbing and/or Electrical cover are not available without at least Star*Care Silver.
· Any item not readily accessible or “built-in” will be excluded.

14. Exclusions specific to Electrical Breakdown cover.

· This is essentially Emergency breakdown cover. We will not cover repairs to any article or appliance, which actually consumes electricity like a light bulb or fitting, fan or heater for example. Nor will we cover external wiring in your garden or to your sheds, garages or out-houses. The electrical installation within these annexii would be covered however.
· Upgrades or re-wires to meet BS7671 or part “P” of Building regulations or any improvement or betterment are not included nor anything as a result of mandatory repair notices.
· Repair of anything not installed correctly by others or failed DIY attempts.
· Anything to do with the equipment of the supply authority.

15 Exclusions specific to Plumbing Breakdown cover.

· This is essentially an emergency repair, leaks and Breakdown cover. We do not intend to imply cover of anything outside the” four inner walls” of your house. Your Mains water stop cocks are not covered nor are any items of a decorative nature, swimming pools, garden taps or features, hydro-therapy pools, saunas, gym equipment health enhancers, hot-tubs. Neither is anything to treat, filter, pump, spray, purify, heat and irrigate water. Cesspits and soakaways are excluded, as are Macerators, Jacuzzis, appliances such as fridges and washers/dishwashers and their flexible pipe work, which are part of the machine. Showers & shower pumps are also excluded.
· Taps and tap washers.
· Any item of plumbing, damaged by frost in a house which has not been inhabited in the previous 24 hours prior to the incident or without heat on.
· Anything, which you have been notified as to needing remedial action previously.
· Anything which would normally be covered by other Star*Care Schemes such as boilers and heating systems.
· Any item of a decorative or “trim” nature.
· Anything to do with a shared drain or a drain outside of your property.